Monday, February 23, 2009

Le Gourmand - Birthday

There's no Food Service of America trucks here.

Chef-owners Bruce and Sara Naftaly of Seattle's Le Gourmand restaurant have, in the true spirit of the food movement, been creating local - so local in fact that many ingredients were sourced from backyards in Ballard - organic and seasonal cuisine for the last 25 years. Tarah and I recently took part in one of Bruce's monthly Sunday dinner classes. We thought of it as a treat - considering its $75/person price - but it turns out the class is mostly regulars, some of which have been attending nearly every month for 15 years. We (~14 people) sat around the kitchen precariously perching our wine on whatever surface we could wile trying to take notes and eat as Bruce described in detail and cooked a delicious four course meal from first principals right before our eyes. Well not totally from first principals, he used chicken and fish stock that he makes fresh daily. There was a paired wine with dinner that went into 3 of the 4 courses and was available for bottomless pouring. I definitely recommend the experience.

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