Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The hottest and Nudest day ever

Today was proclaimed to be the hottest day ever in Seattle - with 103 at the airport - and the nudest day ever at Howell Park; these facts were presented by the National Weather Service and a jolly fat naked man respectively. Tarah and I deemed the naked man to be the official park greeter given his excitement to talk about the park, its history, and its police presence to anyone who seemed curious. According to him the police have taken up a very relaxed stance with regards to the beach. "At times they will drive by on the street level and ask people leaving if anyone down there has any complaints; then promptly leave when the answer is no" says our jolly greater. Tarah and I are no experts of the weather or of the nude levels of Howell Park but it sure felt hot today and there were definitely a lot of us nude folks on the beach tonight. I fricking love Seattle!!

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