Wednesday, May 13, 2009

El Horno de Union dia uno, Seattle Cob Oven

This last weekend we got a good start on El Horno de Union (that's the name that Tarah and I came up with tonight but we're definitely game for suggestions). We picked up ~12, 5 gal buckets of clay from a fellow cobber out in Bothell (this stuff is so pure it could be potters clay), 7 bags of gravel/sand from home depot's cement department, and 5 big bags of sawdust from Compton Lumber on 1st (they were really great about it; they just have a huge room sized dumptster that all the shavings get blown into so I climed in and scooped away). With that we were ready to start cobbing.

We ended up getting level to the firebrick deck. We'll come back to it next weekend.

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