Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Green Fairy, Absinthe

Tarah and I have been learning about absinthe since the ridiculous ban on it was lifted in 2007 but really our interest has peaked lately since we learned that the Pacific Distillery in Woodinville, WA is producing the delicious spirit and that Liberty (on 15th in Seattle) is serving it. Absinthe is made from a host of herbs and spices (including the infamous wormwood) and is served by slowly dripping cold water out of a specific absinthe pitcher over a sugar cube that is held above the glass of absinthe using a special slotted spoon. The spirit is typically diluted with the cold water to range of 3-5 to one, water to absinthe. Some of the flavor and aroma compounds that are extracted from the herbs and spices are soluble in the high alcohol concentration of the absinthe but are not soluble in water. This results in the drink clouding up and changing to a beautiful light green once a certain water concentration is reached. At the moment that the clouding begins it is said that one can see a green fairy in the swirling liquid.
We took my mom to Liberty this last weekend; and keep in mind that my mom has possibly never, or at least not in many decades, ordered a mixed drink. I had told her about the local absinthe and about the green fairy. When it was her turn to order she slyly looked at the bar tender (Michael) out the corner of her eye and said "I want to see the green fairy." I was so proud! It was really adorable. Thrown off at first he then responded equally as slyly "Oh you want some Absinthe." She did end up seeing the green fairy and loved her drink.

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  1. I was just talking to a friend about this, I'm a teacher and I took a group of kids to Europe and they all bought a bottle of absinthe to bring home to "family". It's good to know that I scared them for no reason. Ha Ha.

  2. That sound like a great trip. I hope their "families" enjoyed the absinthe.


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